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If you’re feeling excited about taking the new motorcycle for a ride, stop right there. Sorry to rain on your parade, but if you think wearing just a helmet is all you need to know before you hit the road, you need to think again.

While learning about motorcycle insurance can bore you to death, it is important nonetheless.

Motorcycle insurance will cover you financially in case you get into an accident and wreck your motorcycle. It will help cover for your losses and cover the cost of replacing your motorcycle.

While that does sound sufficient, there are many things mentioned in fine print that most of us just overlook.

You Can Ride at the Track

Australian motorcycle insurance lets you ride at tracks if it’s for training purposes. You may have to take advance courses though. Some insurance companies provide courses through approved and accredited training organisations.

Premium is Based on When You Got Your License:

It can be different for different insurance companies. However, a majority of insurance companies base their premium on when you got your driver’s license first issued. This means, that those of you who have been riding for years will have lower risk of crashing. Those who are still beginners, you get the idea.

In Australia, this is the main reason for the difference in various insurance policies.

You Will Need More Coverage:

Some motorcycle insurance companies cover the damage caused to you and another person with you, as well as your motorcycle. However, others do not. You want an insurance that offers you a wide coverage.

You Can Get Discounts:

It’s not necessary that you’ll be the one to cause an accident. There are various factors such as animals, weather, other riders etc. Ask your insurance provider about discounts for all of your coverage.

You Can Insure Your Gear Too:

Your gear is the most important part of riding your motorcycle. Sometimes, your gear can prove to be more expensive than your motorcycle. Some Australian insurance companies provide insurance for your gear too. You might want to look into motorcycle insurance quote if you don’t want additional costs breaking your bank.

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