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Professional Indemnity Insurance

At times, when you are conducting your business, a mistake or failure to perform a certain job might end in a professional negligence claim. When that happens, professional Indemnity insurance can protect your business. Get your liability insurance for business quote within seconds!

General Liability Insurance

It does not matter how small your business is or where you run it from, your business should have liability insurance. This type of insurance will protect it from any property damage pr bodily injury that results from what you, your employees or your products or services have done to a third party. Get your liability insurance for business quote within seconds!

Property Insurance

Just as a plumber will rely on their tools to conduct their business, so would a consultancy firm depend on their IT equipment. Losing it all or part or it due to a disaster or theft could mean an expensive loss for any business. Property insurance comes to your rescue in such cases, protecting your building and assets.

Worker’s CompensationInsurance

This type of insurance protects your employees if they are injured on the job. If your business has worker’s compensation insurance, the employee will be given wages in lieu of the ones they miss or lose due to the injury, among other benefits.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

If you are in the business of giving advice or consultancy services and your client loses money due to a mistake on your part, then you might be on the receiving end of a claim for compensation. The legal costs that your business will need to defend the claim can be quite high. Professional indemnity insurance can help cover the cost of compensation and legal process.

Business Interruption Insurance

In the event that a disaster interrupts your business’ daily operations, having business interruption insurance can be a good thing. All the lost income that results from post-disaster inactivity can be compensated.

Product Liability Insurance

If you are in the manufacturing business, then product liability insurance is crucial for you. While you might be covering all your bases to make sure the products that you are selling are safe to use, lawsuits due to damages can still happen. Product liability insurance protects you in such situations.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Your business will need this besides the small business general liability insurance quotes, if it stores employee/client information that is sensitive. Since you are responsible for keeping that data protected, a breach could mean expensive trouble. A data breach insurance policy can help compensate the loss.

The right kind and the right degree of insurance can protect your business from a major financial loss. Why not let an insurance provider such as 365 insurance help you prevent that. The firm has made all insurance matters simplified to the nth degree. Get yours today!