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Illness Insurance

Known as Accident &l illness cover, this insurance type is offered as a long-term policy. Its objective is to provide cover for serious illnesses, and the type of illness would have been specified in the policy. In case of an accident that leads to long-term incapacitation, this policy will give its holder a lump sum. The amount of money has been designed to help the policyholder pay off their financial obligations, such as rent, mortgage, debts, etc.

Some illnesses that are a part of the l illness insurance cover include:

  • Strokes
  • Cancer (certain types)
  • Cancer (certain stages)
  • Heart attack

Accident Insurance

One of the worst things that come as a result of being involved in an accident besides being hurt happens to be the expenses. If you can’t work your Accident insurance will continue to pay your wages after the insurer waiting period.. If you have accident insurance, then you will be protected by an extra layer of financial protection that can help pay for those day to day expenses that don’t stop just because you’re injured. When it comes to the things that accident insurance can be used to pay for, following things are usually covered:

  • Lost Wages
  • Broken Bones
  • Physical therapy

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