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Excess will be Charged per Claim

When you make a claim, you have to pay a certain amount that is the excess or it is how most people understand it. What you need to remember is that insurers may also charge for excess per claim, instead of the areacovered.That means, claiming for several stolen luggage items will mean paying an excess on each item you claim! Always read the policy before you buy travel insurance or you will end up paying more.You can also scan the policies to see if they allow you to pay an excess eliminator fee to remove the excess altogether.

Alcohol and Traveling

The best travel insurance can tick all the boxes, except the one that is next to alcohol consumption! If you read the fine print carefully, you will be able to evade this sticky situation. Most travel insurance policies will not pay, if an accident involves you being under the influence of liquor or drugs. Exceptions are made if you were taking a drug prescribed to you by a Medical Adviser and according to their instructions.

Travel Insurance Policies have Limits

Before you make a claim that is not covered by your travel insurance, it would be better to read the fine print carefully.There is a limit to everything—no matter which policy you purchase—including the amount you can claim against lost cash and the luggage that you have lost. Similarly, you must know the exact extent of cancellation cover and if any single item limit exists for your policy.

Accidental Lost does not include Irresponsible Loss

If the trip that you will be taking means also taking a lot of cash along, then you need to be vigilant. In case of a theft or robbery, you might be able to claim a certain amount of the money that you lose but that won’t be the case if you lose the cash while leaving it on the side and going out. If you do not want to keep carrying the cash with you, then keep in a safe deposit box or you won’t be getting any of it back!

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