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Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance has always been considered a must-have for business owners around Australia because it protects you if someone sues you for personal injury, death, damage to their property, or advertising injury.

If you don’t have public liability insurance, the resulting compensation payouts and legal costs can potentially cripple your business.

Business Insurance is important

Open for Business with the right insurance

As a small business owner, you want to grow and attract new people to your business.

You don’t intend to injure a customer or damage their property in the course of doing business.

Even a really simple event can cause a public liability case against your business. If you’re a cafe business owner, for example, public liability insurance can provide protection if:

  • A customer trips over a stool and fractures their wrist.
  • A bicycle courier slips on and breaks their ankle.
  • An employee spills hot coffee on a customer’s and they suffer burns.
  • Food poisoning – one or multiple customers falling ill


Public Liability Claims Examples

Amanda – Owner of a florist shop

Amanda owns a florist shop located on the main road shopping strip in her local suburb.

During a storm, a large gust of wind picked up one of Amanda’s signs outside of her storefront and landed it on top of a nearby car parked causing significant panel damage.

Luckily Amanda was insured via 365 Insurance as she was found to be negligent because she did not secure the sign correctly.

The insurer settled the car owners damages claim of $4,100 for the repair the vehicle by the insurer Amanda chose via the 365 Insurance online insurance website.


Mike – Owner of a cafeCafe Insurance

Mike owns a new café in the Melbourne CBD. It’s a busy morning. The cafe is filled with the morning regulars and everyone is having a good time, but when a damaged bar stool breaks, a customer is left with a broken wrist from falling on the concrete floor.

Mike’s business is found liable for the customers medical costs, which exceed $22,100.

Mike had insured his business via 365 Insurance which include Public Liability insurance so the claim was processed and settled by the insurer.


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