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Preventing 5 Most Common Small Business ClaimsThe bane of every small business’s existence is those unanticipated issues. They hit you when you least expect it.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 60 percent of small businesses cease operating within its first three years. So, we’re well prepared for the nuclear weapons—but what about those bullets that we ignore?

How do you prevent damage in case of the most common risks?

As the leading provider of insurance policies, we are well aware of the risks that threaten businesses. In this blog post, we highlight some of the most common insurance claims made and how you can go about preventing them:

Preventing 5 Common Small Business Claims

With a few simple steps, you can prevent chances of making 5 of these claims:

#1-Damage Due To Storms

  • Before setting up your business facility, make sure you are aware of the geography and weather conditions of that area
  • Make sure the building is in the right condition
  • Trim out any trees or hanging branches
  • Secure loose objects tightly in place and anchor all outdoor equipment
  • Disaster management planning is necessary; make sure you have another place to continue operations


  • Install a comprehensive network of CCTV cameras
  • Install locks on all doors and windows
  • Install extra lights to illuminate all areas
  • When hiring employees consider conducting background checks
  • Make sure you have software in place for inventory management

#3-Equipment Breakdown

  • Proactively inspect your machinery and conduct regular maintenance
  • Use all equipment according to manufacturer specifications
  • Separately store all heavy equipment to keep it protected
  • Never ignore warning signs

#4-Damage To Property

  • Install state of the art security systems to deter chances of vandalism
  • Make sure the business premises is well-maintained at all times


  • Make sure access to dangerous areas of your business or heavy duty machinery is restricted at all times
  • Keep the floor dry and clear it off all tripping hazards. Slip and falls are some of the most common claims made against small businesses
  • Put in systems that allow you to monitor every employee-client interaction. Train employees on dealing courteously with clients

These are some of the most common claims made by small business owners and simple tips to prevent them from happening. While a claim against you can take a toll on revenue and brand image, having the right insurance policy can prevent all of that.

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