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The best boat insurance policies will offer protection from the following conditions and situations: 

  • Protection for your boat while it stays within Australia and close to 200 nautical miles when offshore
  • Collision and other accidental damages
  • Contents of the boat
  • Personal accident
  • Towingcosts

The type of boat you own matters

There are so many types of boats out there. The type of the boat you own will determine how much coverage you get. Following are some of the boat types seen commonly:

  • Houseboat with dingy/jet ski
  • Houseboat
  • Yacht
  • Sailboat
  • Barge
  • Cruiser
  • Sail Craft
  • Powerboat
  • Game Fisher
  • Cabin Cruiser

Since the type of the boat may differ from owner to owner, so will the rules and regulations regarding insurance. You will need to follow these rules when taking the boat out on the water and storing it.

The worth of your boat will also influence insurance coverage

Your boat may have cost you an arm and a lung when you initially bought it. However, as assets age, their value starts to depreciate. That is why, you need to have the right estimate when it comes to how much your boat may be worth now before you get in insured.Depending on how much its worth happens to be, the level of coverage that your boat insurance policy will offer will vary. Similarly, how well you maintain the boat will also be factored in when you go to purchase insurance.

Frequency & type of usage can influence insurance coverage

How much traveling by boat you do and where you take it to will affect how much you have to pay the right sort of coverage. If going deep sea fishing is a regular activity for you and your boat, then your premium will be different from someone who uses their boat rarely and that too, to go out on the lake. The dangers that a boat will face in deeper waters are different from what it will come across elsewhere and thus affect your policy.

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