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Living in Australia, it is not easy to suppress the urge to buy yourself a boat. Some might settle for a Jet Ski. But then there are some who won’t settle for anything but a Jet Ski. If you are one, then you know how a jet ski became one of the most precious items in your possession.  So, can you really afford to not protect that possession?   Why You Need To Buy Jet Ski Insurance? The answer to that question is the only reason you need to get a Jet Ski Insurance. For sceptics, however, we may have a whole list to begin with. Yet, before we dig a little deeper into the Whys, lets cover the whats.

What Is a Jet Ski Insurance?

Jet Ski insurance is also called PWC, which stands for personal watercraft insurance. In Australia, having a PWC for your Jet Ski is not mandatory by law. Different insurers offer different policies, which may cover injuries, damage, or both. There are a few things that most PWC insurance may not cover such as damage caused by an uninsured boat. Also, most insurance policies also don’t cover damage done outside of the water, for instance, during an accident on the road while transportation.

Why Do You Need To Buy a Jet Ski Insurance?

Now let’s take a look at a few logical arguments that actually make sense, especially if you truly care for your ski.

Your Personal Insurance Doesn’t Cover Jet Skiing Injuries

Jet Skiing is an activity that comes under the label of ‘dangerous’, and most insurance policies specifically exclude such activities from their coverage. That is why it is better to keep yourself protected by a more specific product.

It is Indeed a ‘Dangerous’ Activity

Insurance makes more sense when the risk is higher. Jet Skis move at a really high speed and the rate of accident is higher than it is for other forms of vessels. While there is nothing wrong in enjoying the thrill of a risky activity, it is not smart to do it without proper coverage.

The Extent of Damage Can be Too High

Water already is one of the most destructive force, and when you mix it with high speed, you are getting in a head to head feud with Mother Nature. With so many forces working against you, a minor accident can lead to severe damage, which may cost you a lot. Can you really afford to not have it covered?

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