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Is travel insurance a good option for you? And how do you know you are making the right decision? Here is a complete guide to travel insurance, which will make sure you are well prepared for your next trip!

Find The Travel Insurance For You!Types of travel insurance

When searching for a good travel insurance package, there will be a number of things to consider.

Here is the most common coverage offered:

  • Trip cancelation or delay

This is when your insurance covers the cost of the hotel and meals, along with other bookings you might have made beforehand.

However, you need to make sure of the limit outlined in your insurance package; know the cost it will cover. Another thing you need to keep in mind is the kind of situation that will allow coverage.

Your insurance policy will include all possible reasons due to which your trip can be delayed or cancelled, and coverage allowed.

  • Baggage and belongings

In case your baggage and other belongings get lost, stolen or damaged, your insurance policy will cover the loss. But keep in mind that there is a total limit which can be covered for. Also remember that your home insurance might also cover for damage of items away from home.

  • Medical assistance

In case you get sick or injured during your trip, this covers your transportation to the nearest hospital and pays for flying you home as well. However, this depends on the situation. For instance, it might not cover a pre-existing medical condition and will often exclude adventure sports in which the risk of getting hurt is higher.

  • Rental car coverage

If you have rented a car for your trip and it got damaged due to either some kind of accident or vandalism, this will cover for the damage.


The cost of insuring your trip will depend on a number of factors. The total length and cost is important in determining your package. A longer and more expensive trip will have a higher cost a larger amount of money.

The travel destination will also determine the total cost because of higher medical costs there. Overall, the more risks your policy covers, the more your insurance will cost.

Where to find it

The best way to find appropriate insurance policy for your trip is by comparing different options available to you online.

This will not only allow you to make your selection from the convenience of your home, but will also help you find the best rates.

Simply go on our websites and find the policy that suits you best. 365insurance will help protect the money you spend on your trip, so you can sit back and have a good vacation or business trip.