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Filing a Claim

In case of an accident that has left your bike damaged or it has been stolen, you will need to file a motorcycle insurance claim. Here are the first few steps:

  • Ensure that you and whoever else was travelling with you are safe
  • Either wheel the bike to a safe place or have it towed there to prevent further damage
  • Inform the legal authorities, in case of theft
  • Get the details form witnesses present on the scene of the accident/theft
  • Make the call to your insurance provider

While on the Phone

Lodging a claim will be faster and smoother, if you ensure that you have the following information with you or can get it quickly:

  • Your policy number
  • Contact details, such as phone number, current address, and vehicle registration
  • Documents, such as notices about the incident, incident report number in case of a theft
  • Pictures of the damaged bike
  • Safe placement of the damaged bike so that the insurance provider representative can inspect it

Waiting After Making the Call

What is going on behind the scenes is that your insurance provider will be assessing your claim. They might get in touch with you for more details during the process. If a third party was involved in the accident and they send you correspondence regarding it, then you should forward it to your claims officer. The damages will be paid by the insurance provider, depending on the evidence substantiating your claim and the kind of cover provided by your policy. Following are a few types of motorcycle insurance policies:

Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

The broadest cover offered by this type of insurance will cover a wide variety of incidents including:

  • Accident damages
  • Natural disaster damages
  • Fire/Explosions
  • Theft/Vandalism

Motorbike Third Party Insurance

It protects you from the damage cause to a third party, such as your bike damaging someone else’s vehicle or property, makes it catch fire, or results in its theft.

Settling & Repairs

If the insurance provider agrees to get your motorcycle fixed, then you might need to pay them an excess before your claim can be considered settled.

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