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Carpenters Insurance

We understand that carpenters need insurance specific to their trade. At 365 Insurance we know that a one-size fits all carpenters insurance policy just won’t be sufficient. We specialise in insurance for tradies and subbies, we have the industry experience gained from years of insuring tradesmen to ensure you and your business get the right policy for your requirements.

We know and understand that carpenters need the best possible insurance cover for the best possible price.


Public and Products Liability Insurance

Any carpenter’s workshop or site is a minefield of potential dangers that can ruin a business, which is why Public and Product Liability Insurance isn’t only a good idea, but is also required for many contractors to even set foot on site.

Public Liability Insurance protects you against legal liability arising out of property damage or personal injury to a third party as a result of your work.

Products Liability insurance is designed to protect you from claims of injury or damage arising from work you’ve done.



Damage or loss of tools can cripple a carpenter’s business, which is why tool cover is an essential asset of the wise chippie.


Personal Accident & Illness

We always recommend personal accident and illness insurance to protect your income. 365 Insurance offers 24/7 accident and illness Insurance and has you covered whether you get hurt at work or somewhere else in Australia if it’s work related or not.  We think this is one of the most important insurances any self employed tradie can have.

Carpenters Insurance




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