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The Two Most Important Things to Remember

In case you are in an accident, you must at all costs:

  1. Never admit that the accident was your fault. Simply, give out the information that is asked of you, such as driver’s license, contact details for your insurance agent etc.
  2. Refrain from confronting the other party in either aggressive or emotional manner.

It is very easy to make an auto accident claim for go against you by the actions that you take after an accident.

Exchange Information

As already mentioned above, you should have all the pertinent information handy for any law enforcement agents that arrive at the scene of the accident.

Document Everything

Evidence happens to be the most crucial element in any insurance claim, as well as, lawsuits.If you want to make sure that you have a case, what you need to do is document everything from the scene of the accident. This means taking pictures of the vehicles that show what happened, copy of the documents for any property damage that was caused, medical bills, as well as, lost pay if you missed work because of the accident. This information will help you decide how much the accident has cost you and the amount of money you need to collect.

Call your Insurance Provider

Your insurance agentwill ask you following information, so it is better to have it in your hand before you make that call:

  • Insurance company’s name
  • Auto insurance policy number
  • Vehicle details, such as its model, registration, and license
  • Accident details, including:
      • Driver’s name and license number
      • When, where, and what time it happened
      • Injuries and how serious they are
      • Number of passengers
      • the extent of damage to the vehicle;

Your Car Insurance will Have Limits

There is one simple way to make the whole sequence of events that take place after an accident easier on yourself. You need to know the details of your coverage. Some policies might not cover towing costsor provide a replacement rental car while your battered ones gets fixed. You need to know what your policy won’t cover to prevent any disappointments and ending up paying for unforeseen things.

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