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Starting off on your entrepreneurial journey can be overwhelming. You have got an amazing idea. You have planned the most fail-proof strategy and you know people are ready to buy whatever that is you are selling. But there is one thing that businesses, when starting out, often overlook or underestimate – the size of your competitors.

How to Compete With the Big Guys While being an online business or any form of business in this digital era opens up the opportunity to serve a worldwide clientele, it also puts you neck to neck with the giants. They have a bigger customer base and more finances to back them up. What do you have besides your idea and the passion to make it work?

Let us reassure you, that is pretty much all you need if you employee a few smart hacks in your strategy.

Build a Personal Credibility

There are a few advantages you have got as a small business owner. Your customers know who you are and they will judge your business based on how they know it. Unlike big businesses, you are not an inhuman entity, and you should take complete advantage of the fact by focusing on personal branding. If you have a consultancy business, people will trust your service if they know how qualified, experienced, and credible you are. It is much easier than trying to build the credibility of a whole team.

Learn From Their Mistakes

If someone has succeeded, it means they have gone through a path of trials and errors. They might have made mistakes that you don’t have to. The best way to beat your competition is to learn from them. Learn from their failures and the way they overcome those obstacles in order to simply avoid it. It will pave you a much smoother path to success.

Be Realistic

This should actually be your number one rule: Never forget who you are. Keep your eyes on bigger goals without overlooking your currents size and limitations. Set goals that aren’t unrealistically too huge. Otherwise, you are just setting yourself up for failure.

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