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About Us

365insurance was formed to help the little guy get the right insurance cover with all the hassles .  We want to give you the customer a fair go – in an industry dominated by big players, mountains of paperwork the little guy is often overlooked.

365insurance wants to change the insurance market with an online service to simplify buying insurance from leading insurers that would normally overlook the little guy who just wants a fair go!



We’re fiercely committed to you the customer and we work for you!! Yes that’s right we work for the little guy!! Everything we do is in your best interest when it comes time to make a claim with the insurers we represent you and assist you with the process!



  • We’ve taken away the complex paperwork and moved the process online!
  • Once you’ve decided if the cover is right for you, you can buy it instantly online.
  • Cover documents will be instantly emailed to you for safe keeping for your reference whenever you need them. If you have any questions you can simply email quotes@365insurance.com.au and one of our friendly staff will respond to your questions.
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