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5 Insurance Policy Tips for Businesses on the Move

While legal trouble can be damaging for any business, it’s even more so, for those operating a small, mobile business. By mobile, we mean a business that is always on the move.

Whether you are promoting a client’s campaign as an event management company, or you own a food truck—avoiding trouble is essential in order to survive.

Being stuck in an unknown part of the country with little support can seem daunting, but it is avoidable.

So what can be done for businesses that are on the move? The answer is simple: multiple insurance policies. While at first, it will seem like a costly idea, it is not only beneficial but essential as well.

Furthermore, with the right premium packages, you can get a discount as well! Here’s what you need to do:

Look into Provincial and Territory Laws

Insurance laws differ from province to province. Depending on which territory or province you live in, some insurance policies will not apply. One of the best examples of this is car insurance.

Since a mobile business needs car insurance, it’s compulsory to look into differing provincial laws. Car insurance differs from driver’s insurance and depending on which area you are travelling to—some policies may only cover the vehicle and not the driver.

Get Customised Car Insurance

As a business that provides its services via automobile, it is compulsory to get car insurance. As a matter of fact, according to Australian regulations, upon receiving their license and for every car purchase, no citizen in Australia is to be allowed on the road without car insurance.

Therefore, look into car insurance and research laws for every province and territory.

Get Travel Insurance

While it’s confusing, it makes sense! You wouldn’t go to a new place without packing basic necessities. Why should insurance be any different?

Travel insurance will help if you injure yourself in an unknown place with no support. It will relieve you from medical expenses that will otherwise cost a fortune. Furthermore, you can be reimbursed for any loss or damages!

Avoid Damages, Save Costs

While this is a no-brainer, many individuals forget that insurance premiums are expensive if you’re a potential threat.

By hiring trained professionals to work for you, you can not only boost the image of your brand, you can save costs on premiums.

Sending your employees to certified institutions that will train them to be experts can lower your chances of being placed on the ‘potential threat’ list. This is especially true for drivers.

Get Professional Indemnity Insurance

It’s also called professional liability insurance. It can save your business from defamation, negligence and loss of goods or data.

Every area has its own law and regulations but professional indemnity insurance ensures that your business is safe from legal trouble. It protects you if a client has suffered damage or financial loss via your business.

For more information, consult our insurance experts today!