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All year around, during birthdays, anniversariesor any holiday for that matterflower shops are bustling with activity.

4 Reasons Your Florist Shop Needs Insurance

They are filled with people hustling into get the best flowers to surprise their significant others. And that is why it is so important to keep all these customers happy.

An essential part of running a successful florist business is having the right kind of insurance coverage. This will help to compensate for any kind of loss suffered as a result of unanticipated accidents.

General Liability Coverage

Unexpected accidents can occur when running a florist business. What if a customer gets injured while in your shop? What if a customer hurts them selves with on a thorny flower after purchasing a bouquet of flowers?Public & Products Liability can help protect your business in these circumstances when a lawsuit or accident claim is filed against it.

General Liability Coverage

Business Insurance

This provides coverage for property damage and all physical assets owned. The refrigerators, tools, computers and floral stock are examples of the items that are expensive to repair or replace. The insurance policy will list down causes for which there is coverage. The policy cover includes fire, theft, water damage, storm, money & many more.

This type of insurance often also covers the loss of documentation and software critical to the operations of the business. This way, if you lose important data due to a system error or malfunction, you will be able to claim the costs of duplication or replacements.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

If your florist business has employed workers, you will require this coverage. This is required by law under the Safe Work Australia Act 2008.

In a situation where a worker is physically injured at work, this will cover for the hospital& rehabilitation bills. It will also compensate for the wage lost when taking time off for recovery.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance

Being the owner of a florist business, you will generally require machinery breakdown cover. Because your cool room or refrigeration unit hold your stock which is so important to the business, you need to make sure that it is protected. Machinery Breakdown insurance will cover for any loss or damage to your refrigerated stock in the event of breakdown or mechanical failure and also include the repair costs of the fridge motor unit itself.

The expenses of repair as well as the stock waste and replacement expenses can put a florist out of business so getting the right machinery breakdown insurance is very important/

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